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The Experience




The Experience

Picture a spa day mixed with a VS photo shoot;
that's what a SKP beauty boudoir session is like!
You get to step out of the day-to-day monotony
and step into a supermodel experience.
Let me walk you step by step through a SKP Beauty Boudoir session.

Step 1: Book your session
That sounds pretty basic, right? Well, often times finding the courage to actually book a session is the hardest part for many women. We find excuses such as "I shouldn't spend the money, I don't want to be selfish, I need to lose a few pounds, I might not look pretty enough..' The list goes on and on. The amazing thing about a boudoir session is that it effects more of a woman's life than she ever imagined going into it. The experience makes her feel different than she's felt maybe ever; she feels empowered, beautiful, sexy, good enough! And those things carry into other parts of her life. Women have said that their boudoir session has empowered them to be a better wife, a better mom and a more confident business women. Some have said that it was one of the best experiences of their lives. So no more your session!!!

Step 2: Your consultation booked your session. Congratulations! Once we have a date on the calendar, you + I will chat over the phone or over coffee and begin to plan your session. You will share your vision, I will give suggestions and we will come up with our 'game plan' for your beauty session.

Step 3: The Photo Shoot!!!
Okay, this is my favorite part! We will meet at the desired location (an upscale Scottsdale hotel is standard if I choose the location). If your collection includes full hair + makeup, you will arrive an hour and a half before your scheduled shoot time. Ashley (my stylist) and I will be there to greet you with open arms (and a glass of champagne if your collection includes it!) From there, just sit back, relax and let Ashley work her magic! Once she has you all glammed up, it's show time. With music pumping, we will lay out all of your outfit pieces and you will slip into your first selection. Many women are nervous at first, and that's totally normal. I will coach you through each pose and let you know exactly what to do. You'll be feeling like a supermodel in no time. The biggest thing to remember is...have FUN!

Step 4: Photo Premiere
After you session is complete, we will ask you to wait in the lobby for one hour. This is a great time to grab a bite to eat or head to Starbucks to reflect on your session. After 1 hour, you will return to the hotel room for your private photo PREMIERE! Your collection includes a set number of images which you will choose at the premiere. You will also have the option to purchase extra digital images, prints, albums, or 'little black books' at that time. Order payments will be taken at that time, so make sure you bring your check book!

Step 5: Receive your goodies
After you have selected and ordered all your goodies, I will place your order immediately and you will have your digital images and physical products within 2 weeks!